After witnessing all the flooding here in Nashville over the last 2 days you come to appreciate a warm dry home. It is scary how quickly “mother nature” takes over and can reek havoc on our domiciles. Wood is so prevalently used in design, from the framing of the house, to flooring, cabinetry and furniture. Unfortunately for many, water and wood do not mix. One product that we manufacture, the Arbor collection of wooden bathtubs and sinks are quite the opposite. These beautiful sinks and bathtubs do mix with water and they mix quite well. Finished with over 20 coats of marine epoxy they are finished similarly to a boat. Crafted here in Nashville Tennessee of walnut and birds eye maple they are truly a work of art.

Prayers and well wishes go out to the families who are dealing with the high waters and trying to protect what is most likely their most prized possession, their home.