Bourgeoisie at Beckwith

We discovered an amazing furniture line at High Point this year and I had to share some of their beautiful pieces that we carry at our showroom.  The lines and construction of the pieces are built around classic forms but they take on a very clean and modern feeling.  I couldn’t help myself and had to buy about 4 pieces for my own home.  Here are some of the pieces that are at our showroom now! 

Donkey Back Bench

this image from Circa Design Group
Swamp Table

The great thing about this company is that they are a family business, amazingly kind, and very service oriented.  Many pieces can  be customized and the finishes are lovely.

Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs!

When at high point market we found the wonderful collection Pheromone by Christopher Marley.  We offer these beautiful creations at Beckwith Interiors.  Framed in silver leaf, at closer inspection you realize that the artwork has legs, many legs, wings and bright amazing colors!

Beetles, butterflies and geological species that don’t even seem real, their colors are so bright and magical.  When speaking with Mr. Marley, who by the way was a total gentleman, and quite handsome, explained how his fascination with insects was inspired by the desperation to avoid them. We are happy to showcase a few pieces from market…..

Something Different for Nashville

We are so excited to have a wonderful new rug line, Tamarian, showcased at our showroom. Tamarian rugs are transitional in design and not as traditional and formal as many collections presented throughout Nashville.  I love Oushaks, Kermans and anything antique, but this gives designers and shoppers a different look that is hard to sometimes find in Nashville.   If you are looking for a transitional rug that is made in Nepal with beautiful quality, these are definitely worth looking at.  The rugs come in 4×6 and go up to 10×14 for in stock designs, but the great thing about this collection is that you can design your shape, pattern and color.  The rugs can be made with silk and wool or just wool, depending on the look and your budget.  I hope you can come by to check out the nice selection that we have or to take a look online at our online store.  Happy Shopping!

Anyone Can Do It!!!

Projection, a wood product that we manufacture was featured on the DIY network television show about 2 months ago.  We received many calls asking how to purchase the wall material and one of the main questions was, “Is it difficult to install?”  Well, one viewer in Jacksonville, Florida saw the product and decided it would look good in his home.  After shipping him the product, we gave him installation instructions and asked him if he was going to use a professional installer.  He politely replied, “Nope, I am going to do this for my wife and I want to make sure that it goes up before Thanksgiving.  That will make her very happy.”  No problem, we said. 
Just about a month after the product was sent, this gentleman was kind enough to send a phone picture of the wall that he installed himself.  Check it out!  It is gorgeous!  We are thrilled with his results and called to see what he thought about the product and the installation.  He said, “All my friends think it is great that I did it myself.  It’s just so easy and looks so cool!” 
We couldn’t have said it any better 🙂

Washington DC Has Never Been More Chic!

this is a detailed image of the drapery in the room. 

Intaglios and architectural engravings on the wall

Beautiful sitting area.

lobby area

While traveling to Washington D.C. this past month, I stayed in a lovely hotel, The Jefferson.  What a beautiful property!  Such classic architecture, attention to detail and smart finishes.  While there my husband and I enjoyed a dinner at the French Ambassadors Home.  Another Wow!  Unfortunately, no pictures of that.  But I did want to share the images of the suite that we stayed in while at the Jefferson.  I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Connie Milstein, the owner and designer of the hotel.  She said, “I designed the hotel for Thomas Jefferson and if he were alive and could stay anywhere, the Jefferson would be his choice.”  President Jefferson was a huge wine collector, very sophisticated and had a love of all things french, which the Jefferson emulates beautifully.