Cowhide rugs

Ride em’ cowboy!  These Brazilian cowhide rugs are smart looking, durable and perfect for families with pets and children.  Liquids pool on top of the hide and they are great in high traffic areas.  Here are a few that we have at the showroom. 

Unique, Luxurious Flooring

I wanted to share with you a few patterns from the Enigma collection.  The first image is of Wave, our engineered floor, awaiting stain and finish at our factory.  This beautiful floor will be traveling to Dallas to the Renaissance Tile and Bath Showroom, where it will be placed in the entrance of the showroom.  I will post pictures of the finished floor installed as soon as I receive them.  It has been so exciting, to see my idea, of patterned flooring come to fruition over the past 3 years.  Everyone at Beckwith is thrilled to have moved into our new manufacturing facility in Nashville, and to witness the growth of our brand.  I love going to work everyday, to work with a great team, build new relationships, create and believe!  Enjoy!

Wave unfinished

Dice Unfinished


Sextant in Walnut



Porte Italia

Beckwith Interiors is very excited to carry the Porte Italia collection!  This Italian designed and handmade furniture collection is stunning. 

the paint detail and hardware are exquisite

The Venetian style creations of Porte Italia Interiors are works of art, the appeal of a glorious past, never out-of-style, carefully updated.

The first images are pieces that are at the showroom now….We can order you any piece from the collection and customize it to your specifications.  You can select paint colors, details and sizes.  All handmade for your home!

We have 4 of these delicious chairs!

this is stunning in person

again, chairs with coordinating dining table

this makes me swoon!!!!

Not only do they have beautiful furniture pieces but amazing custom painted doors! 
These doors would look stunning as an entrance into a feminine and cozy master closet, or maybe into a library or master bedroom. 

this one is actually upholstered

 Come by Beckwith Interiors and check out this amazing collection or shop our online store…….the colors are amazing in person!  Cheers!

Bathroom Lighting Design

Candice Olson design, HGTV

Projection, our dimensional wood blocks, were again featured on Candice Olson’s television show, Candice Tells All.  In this episode the polished end-grain blocks were used as a highlight wall behind a sculptural, free-standing bathtub.  The lighting used in the project was very important, as it showcases the woods texture and play on shadow and light.  I have included the link to the show here so you can enjoy!