Hardwood Floors News : Precision Floorcrafters Tops in Wood Floor of the Year

The Jamie Beckwith Collection just received Best Manufactured Factory Finished Floor in America!!! The award was given this Wednesday evening, in San Diego for the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association).  We are so honored to have received the award and look forward to upholding the standards and practices that the NWFA embodies.  You can click on the link above and go directly to the article and look at many of the award winning floors!

Best Manufactured Factory Finished Floor (Nashville, TN)
Jamie Beckwith Collection

Geoff Fitzpatrick, Jamie Beckwith, Blake Cunningham

Jamie Beckwith at San Diego NWFA awards


We love our Workspace!!!!

I wanted to share some images of our studio, fabric library and offices at Beckwith Interiors.  We have been in this space for about 3 years and love coming to work.  The previous space was a florist and was in need of a dire spruce up…….
So we did! 


I love my office!

CAD computer and fabrics(not shown)

Main design area

conference room

our hip bathrooms


Everyone at BI works as a team, from assistant designers to lead designers, sales and marketing, factory staff, and retail managers.  We are constantly brainstorming over creative ideas to incorporate into the business to bring the most stylish products and interiors to our clients.  Please come visit us anytime, the front door is always open. 

Art Underfoot – Omaha.com

I was interviewed for Inspired Home Omaha magazine and wanted to include the article here on the blog.  It is an article on hardwood flooring and the many different options available for home buyers, including the JBC collection. 

 Art Underfoot – Omaha.com

Sometimes we become so focused on all that is in front of us, we neglect to notice what’s under our feet.

A beautiful array of design techniques could change that.

“Today’s homeowners are looking for durability, a product that will hold up with the wear and tear of everyday living, and something unique and distinguished that will fit within their budget,” says Jamie Beckwith, principal designer with Beckwith Interiors and creator of The Jamie Beckwith Collection.

“Enigma is an engineered hardwood floor tile that can be used where traditional plank wood flooring cannot or it can be used as an accent,” Beckwith says.

“Additionally, our three-fourth inch Mosaic tile is thicker than most traditional wood plank floors, providing a thicker wear layer. Homebuilders should consider a flooring product’s longevity, endurance and ease of cleaning,” Beckwith adds. “Flooring can set the tone for the entire interior and having a special flooring product can really make a home distinctive.”

Choose from bamboo, cork, distressed and cosmetically-treated woods, as well as familiar and traditional flooring options. Most of these choices fall within two groups in today’s flooring trends.

“The first is low-cost, commodity goods,” says Rick Merwin, president of Fontenay. “These are inexpensive goods that look good and perform. They are mostly mass-produced, durable, and somewhat stylish, easily installed and fit mainstream design needs for long-term style and service needs.”

“The second group is custom and unique goods,” Merwin says. “Typically hand-made, they often cost considerably more but offer something of a very different value. These products are generally lifetime purchases and don’t go out of style. When maintained properly, they wear well and ultimately cost the same as their lesser counterparts when comparing longevity.”

As consumers, homeowners are becoming increasingly more aware of our environment and desire the use of earth-friendly materials within their home. Many flooring companies incorporate this trend. Nic Neumann, CEO and president of Mafi America, Inc., believes natural wood floors can be composed to suit every specific room within a home making every living space an artistic place.

“Our deep understanding of nature and our careful treatment of the wood enable us to give our floors the quality of works of art,” Neumann adds. “Even during production we take the distinctive identity of the wood into consideration. We use the whole tree, working with an awareness of its natural growth and create unique works of art to walk on. Mankind lives on all four corners of the globe. Individuality is his being and desire. Our art is preparing the basis. Wherever you want to relax, feel well or recreate, it is always nice to have wooden floors that regulate humidity and create a healthy atmosphere.”

With so many unique flooring materials and options available for today’s homeowners, why stop at the floor? Why not use them on walls and ceilings too? How about an accent table? The design possibilities are endless for creating a distinctly pleasant experience for our eyes and our feet.

Thanks Inspired Homes Omaha!!!

Precision Flooring

We just received some great images of the Jamie Beckwith Collection featured at Precision Flooring.  They are located in Charleston, South Carolina and have a beautiful showroom that highlights some of the most innovative and beautiful products in the surfacing marketplace.  If you are traveling to Charleston we hope that you will call them to view the collection in person. 
Thanks Precision! http://www.precisionflooring.info/index2.htm

Wave, Sextant in walnut and white wash, stretcher, jigsaw and projection

Great installation of Wave in walnut

Pisces over doorway, and imagery

Hickory Chair Spring Fling

High Point Market is buzzing this week and we are excited to show your some of the highlights and new pieces from Hickory Chair.  We offer all of these pieces at our showroom and online.  Check it out!!!

love the nailhead trim on this sofa

love the strong lines of this piece with matching ottoman

Select your exterior and interior finishes

Smart looking Twin

Check out the detail on this beautiful bed!

This nightstand has a great finish and even better storage

Colorful prints

looks like Blue ikats are going to be popular!

Beautiful finishes!

love the pillars, they even have a secret door for storage