Mottega Lamps

Beckwith Interiors is happy to be included in the Mottega Lamps,  spotlight series!!!!  Please enjoy the interview below.  Mottega has amazing lighting that you can customize to your specifications.  With great colors, different shades and bases, the options are endless……which we like!!!!!


Modenus Rocks!

Recently, I was interviewed by a lovely gal, Jocelyn at an amazing new design website, Modenus.  I wanted to share the article but more importantly the site itself.  Modenus is an extensive collection of unique and inspiring products.  Their tag line is, “Design. Source. Manage….Inspire”, which is exactly what this site does.  We are thrilled to be included on  Modenus not only as a design firm, but also a manufacturer.  Thanks again to Jocelyn and the team at Modenus!

My Family Room

I wanted to share some images of my family room that was recently redone.  It functions wonderfully, with more seating, brighter fabrics and graphic artwork.  We are really enjoying the new space!  (even though my brother in law says “it’s too much”) Ha!


Geodes In Design

While traveling over the last few weeks, I have been inspired by all the beautiful agates and geodes that are showing up in design.  Not only are they appearing in interior design, but fashion, jewelry and home accessories.  Some pieces are sliced and polished, some are raw and rough in texture; clearly they are all organic, and quite sexy. 

So…..I thought to myself, why not include these amazingly  natural phenomenons with my dimensional wood wall tiles, Projection.  The combination is striking!  Again, the organic, smooth warmth of the wood works wonderfully with the rough and colorful geodes.  Every single piece is unique, a true piece of art. 

Each geode is hand selected and designed to coordinate with the finish and wood species.  Finally, a gold gilt is added to complete the look.  Jewelry for the walls!

Beautiful Bold Necklace of Agates

Amazing ring by designer Kimberly McDonald

Jewelry cuff at Yves St. Laurent

Agate Rings from Yves St. Laurent

Polished Agate used on a Necklace

Enjoy the images and then a few pictures of the Geodes and Ammonites that we are using in the pieces.  For more information contact: 615-254-1937 

Ammonite Projection in Northern Maple

Geode in Northern Maple
Black Bean finish