Beckwith Interiors and Hickory Chair

Beautiful new furniture pieces from Hickory Chair at Beckwith Interiors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love that yellow!



We have just received some of the newest items offered at High Point and you can find these amazing furniture pieces from Hickory Chair Furniture right here at Beckwith Interiors.  If you are wanting to spruce up the home before the holidays now is the time.  Come see us or shop on line!!!!!


Renaissance Tile and Bath and Jamie Beckwith Collection

Renaissance Tile and Bath Showroom in Dallas invited me to come and visit with some of Dallas’s most influential interior designers and speak about the collection.  It was a great day spent with the designers at Renaissance, Melissa Patterson and the gang were wonderful and so accommodating.  They had a creative display showcasing fall gourds and pumpkins carved with the patterns from our flooring!  So cute and ingenious! 

Enjoy the pictures and please remember to check out this beautiful showroom not only for the Jamie Beckwith Collection but many other amazing products; from bathroom fittings, to ceramic tile and glass tile. 

Floor installation of Wave

Renaissance Tile and Bath Dallas showroom with our samples on back wall

Jacks, and Sextant pattern Boards

Melissa Patterson, Jamie Beckwith, Lauren Devens

Carved Pumpkins with Sextant pattern
Lauren Devens, Sales and Marketing

Festive Halloween goodies for guests

Floor installation of Sextant Tile

Projection Tiles in all Colors!

 Thanks again to Renaissance Tile and Bath!!!!

Decor Mentor and Jamie Beckwith

I am so pleased to have been invited to be a Decor Mentor “Mentor” on this lovely site.  Decor Mentor is a collaborative, educational online community for interior design pros and consumers. Design simplified.

Decor Mentor is excited to be collaborating with talented interior design professionals and brands across the globe to offer education and insight into the process of interior design from both a decorating and business perspective. We achieve this collaboration and education through easy-to-find articles and buying guides as well as live online radio and live streaming video events.

In the Decor Mentor community we are striving to provide a forum where new creative collaborations are born, nurtured and developed!

I have attached the link to the site and an article I wrote about Art and how to incorporate it into your design process.
Again, thank you Lisa Ferguson at Decor Mentor, the visionary behind this wonderful site!

New Arrivals!!

We are always excited to get new things into the showroom, but we are even more excited about these new additions.
These gorgeous agate slices are mounted on a custom made iron stand which showcases their true beauty.  They would be stunning near a window or in front of a candle to let the light shine through its translucent surface.
These amazing agates are sure to make a very special statement in any space.