Spring Cool

I’m inspired by the warmth in the air, the flowers blooming and the cool comfortable evenings.  These images make me think of the beach, the lazy days of summer, tan legs and freckles.  What do they say to you?

Jalath Mellet

Jalath Mellet

Jarleth Mellett

Haynes Roberts

Haynes Roberts


Installation of Enigma Flooring

The Enigma floor by the Jamie Beckwith Collection is  a unique, engineered flooring system that only seems intricate to install.  It is actually quite easy and while we do recommend professional wood flooring installers we thought a quick guide with photographs could help guide you through the process.

First, the sub floor must be clean of debris and all demolition completed.  This particular installation had carpet that was removed and the subfloor was below.  After measuring the space and marking out the center lines of the room, the installers started to lay the floor.  

glue being troweled on
The glue is being troweled on the subfloor and each wood tile is placed individually.  Starting from the center of the room. The installers make sure that the pattern is level.

slowly the pattern is coming together
The most difficult part of the installation is the cutting of the wood tiles.  As the pattern is worked towards the perimeter of the room, every piece is meticulously measured and cut. 
The space is finished off with a bullnose trim that can be stained to match or painted.
moving toward the perimeter of the room

cutting of the pieces near the baseboard
Once the floor drys for 24 hours the installers make sure that any glue that has seeped up through the bevels is cut away and removed.  Finally if needed, a tinted wood chalk is used to fill in any gaps, that would be minimal. 
And viola!
A stunning floor is complete!!!

Pattern Stella, Walnut with Grey Moonstone Finish