Recently in Atlanta Georgia, Lauren Stebbins and Kari Vaughn presented the Jamie Beckwith Collection flooring and wall tiles to an esteemed group of Atlanta’s finest designers and architects at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center.  The turn out was fabulous and through the power point presentation and sample boards the audience was informed about the collection and is now able to specify the products for their upcoming projects.  Thank you to all the amazing designers that attended the lunch and presentation.  We truly appreciate all your support of the collection and we are excited to see how you will use these products to beautify your clients spaces.  Enjoy the images!!!!

Kari Vaughn and Lauren Stebbins, sales and marketing for Jamie Beckwith Collection

Sample Boards

What a great turnout!!!

Questions and Answers!

Lauren Stebbins showing Projection dimensional tiles.

Mosaic wood flooring

Atlanta Decorative Arts Center

Go Bold with Neon Brights

With the spring fashion bursting with vivid colors, many people are beginning to incorporate the fun style into their homes. From painting the walls to using furniture pieces and accessories, pops of pinks, greens, and yellows are being brought into more interiors. Here are some images of a variety of rooms and items that give off a fun and lively appeal.

Home Designing

Will Wailel
Luxery D3sign

When these bright accents are used against white finishes, they really attract your eye and give emphasis in the room.


Pierre Arnoux in the Jardin de la Licorne
Didier Delmas for Elle Decor
Louise Owens

Paint old items around the house to give a fresh look to a space.


Jessica Wilson
Adeeni Design Group

Don’t be afraid to experiment and be bold.

Johnathan Adler
Pillow from Etsy


From the Ground Up: Exterior and First Floor

We worked side by side with Brad Graham of Graham Construction throughout the duration of the building process making sure every detail was well thought out and perfectly aligned with the home owners wishes. In a matter of only about 2 weeks from the photos you saw in the last post, we already have a full second story and the guys have begun to “wrap” all exterior walls. It’s really starting to take shape at this point!

I thought I would also share a drawing of the front elevation to give you an idea of what we are moving towards and show you the first floor plans so you can orient yourself in some of the images…You really have to have a good imagination when looking at a bunch of studs in a photograph.

Front Elevation

At this point in the project, we have decided for exterior materials to be brick in all areas shown with a mortar wash over top, a stone used in designated areas and a Dryit on the second floor. Now what color…

1st Floor Plan

On the first floor you have already seen the Den and Her Master Closet, so here are a few more areas.

 1st Floor Kitchen and Dining

Here we are standing in the Kitchen looking into the Dining Room.  On the left you can see the existing Recreation Room.  Wait until you start seeing this kitchen take shape!  It is a beauty.  

1st Floor Salon. 

Windows from floor to ceiling are perfect when you have a calm, tree lined lot like this. 

                    1st Floor Staircase
View from Salon looking back to staircase and Den. 

I’ll leave you with the exterior progress on the rear and I’ll see you next time for the 2nd floor!

Guest Blogger: Kitchen Organization

We are so excited to have a guest blogger today. Lisa specializes on the subjects of home remodeling, home improvement, and the organization of storage units, including storage units in Virginia Beach and storage units in Tallahassee. Thank you Lisa for your great tips on kitchen organization.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen Space

Using your kitchen space wisely, no matter the size of your kitchen, will help you ensure that things don’t become cluttered and the aesthetic value of your home isn’t compromised. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to use the space you have in your kitchen to its full advantage, particularly if you have a lot of kitchen supplies and appliances. Here are a few things you can do to make the most of your kitchen space and avoid clutter:

Keep Your Cabinets Organized

Kitchen cabinets can easily become disorganized when you try to store too much in them. It’s generally a good idea to install some hanging racks for your pans and some shelves on your kitchen walls for miscellaneous kitchen items like teapots that can serve both decorative and functional purposes.

Reconsider Your Kitchen Table

A long, large kitchen table comes in handy for dinner parties and family gatherings. However, you probably don’t usually need a large kitchen table. The bigger your kitchen table is, the less space you have in your kitchen for everything else, and the more cramped your kitchen can feel. Consider investing in a small table for your kitchen that will accommodate you and your immediate family sufficiently.

Remember That Less is More

There’s no need to hold onto those faded, torn oven mitts or that toaster oven that barely works anymore. Every few months, go through the things in your kitchen and try to get rid of some of what you aren’t using anymore. This will help you keep things de-cluttered and organized. Plus, it will clear up some space for any new kitchen items or appliances you purchase.

Keep Decorations Simple, Attractive, and Sparse

Over-decorating your kitchen can make it appear cluttered and busy. So, hang a few attractive plates and other decorations on the walls, but keep it simple. Your kitchen will appear more spacious with fewer decorations.

So, organize, downsize, and simplify to make the most of the space in your kitchen!

From the Ground Up!

I am excited to share one of our construction projects with you.  This “from the ground up” home build was orchestrated by Beckwith Interiors and headed up by Senior Interior Designer, Samantha Culbreath.  The home was a ranch style in the Belle Meade/Forest Hills area of Nashville Tennessee.  The homeowners were wanting to update the home, increase their living space and build their “dream home”.  We were honored to help this family achieve their goals. 

After meeting with the clients we quickly learned about their style and what they were wanting in their new home.  Our team got to work and I’m happy to share pictures of the beginning of the process.  Samantha Culbreath will be writing about this project over the coming weeks and sharing images of how everything came together!

Here you can see the original part of the ranch home with the red brick and grey roof.  The NO, on the roof, means dont tear down!!!

The house being framed

Here we are discussing the original fireplace and the design for the new fireplace surround

Family room area

This is the master bedroom closet.  More to come on this amazing transformation!!!!

Upstairs.  The original house did not have a second story.  This added space gave the homeowners much more flexibility.

This room is the “Man Cave”  a special retreat just for him. 

We hope you enjoy this tour over the coming weeks!  The final results are stunning!!