Reformed Traditions: Over-dyed Rugs‏

We at Beckwith Interiors are big fans of splashing bold color into your homes. The Europeans have been incorporating a reformed version of a vintage look that has become popular here in the states. What is this new fad everyone’s wanting and talking about? Well, it’s saturated, over-dyed rugs! By taking old, traditional Turkish rugs and applying contemporary, vibrant colors, the results come out with the same original pattern but with more of a wow factor. Take a look for yourself…
Beckwith Interiors
Jill Danyelle
Garrison Hullinger
Callaway Architects, LLC

The options really seem endless with these style rugs. With the wide range of colors making it easy to incorporate with any interior scheme, and the wide range of patterns allowing each one to remain unique, what’s not to love?

This trend has become so admired that even furniture is dressing up in these rugs.

ABC Carpet and Home
Still + Co.
We love when rooms stand out and make a statement, and with these rugs, you’re space will do just that! ABC Carpets have a great variety to choose from if you want this look in your home.