Restoration Hardware lighting for Sale!!!

Sale Sale Sale of Restoration Hardware Lighting!!!!

We have 2
Foucault’s Orb Crystal Chandelier in Rustic Iron Extra Large for Sale.  Normally Priced at $4,495.00, ours are brand new, boxed and never opened for sale $3000.00 each!!!!!  Dimensions 59 1/2″W  x 60 1/2″ D x 62 1/2″ H 

Orb lighting from Restoration

They were purchased for a clients project and not used.  If you are interested in this lighting please give us a ring at 615-356-0808.  Speak to Amber at Beckwith Interiors. 
Nineteenth century experimental physicist Leon Foucaults gyroscope inspired our openwork globe, counterpoised with a spectacular crystal chandelier illuminating from within.  The Crystals are precision cut and polished for refraction and sparkle. 


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