Agate Slices for MGM Grand

We were recently approached by a Las Vegas designer who came across our Agate posting and was interested in using some Agates for the MGM Grand in Detroit for their Bourbon Steakhouse Refurbishment. These images are the 5 Agate Slices we selected.
Notice that at different angles and in different lighting, the slices change their appearance, making each one unique and stunning for any space.

If you love these Agates and are interested in purchasing slices for yourself, we can help you out with that. Depending on the size of the Agate and the stand, it’s usually around $150.00. We have custom made iron stands that will fully showcase each Agate’s beauty.
This Agate was purchased by one of our own designers and is placed in our office.
You will never get an Agate that is the same as another; it’s one of the many reasons why we adore them! Don’t you agree?

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