Hide Rugs

Buying a rug for your home is one of the most important and expensive pieces to buy. This is a part of the room you don’t change out too often or at all. With furniture and accessories, you’re able to reupholster, refinish, or reuse, but with a rug you need and want it to last. And what’s a better rug to use than one that’s so versatile, and is so easy to maintain and clean? Here at Beckwith Interiors we are firm lovers of the hide rug. We have them in our own homes and constantly refer them to our clients!

There are many perks of a hide rug. First, they’re aesthetically pleasing to look at. Not only are there cow, deer, zebra hides but they’re always different in texture, color, and shape. With its organic and individual characteristics what’s not to love! Second, I mentioned before how versatile they are, and it’s true! They can work in practically any room of your home. Kitchen, bedroom, hallway, really wherever you want. They’re also able to fit right into either a rustic space or elegant space without feeling forced or out of place. That’s great for if you ever move or redecorate, the rug can remain! Lastly, these rugs are extremely durable. They can withstand the wear and tear that children and animals (even yourself) can make on a home. We just love what these rugs offer. Do you agree? Take a look at these images we pulled and see if you’re a lover like us too!


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Pawleys Island Posh put together some of their favorite products from the Jamie Beckwith Collection and project images from Beckwith Interiors!
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Happy Friday! I, for one, am really excited about the weekend. I have a few photo shoots on the books and plan to enjoy the sunshine with my family. Now that the kids are just a bit older we have been having the best time with them. Follow along on all the fun with me on instagram. Yes, I decided to officially become obsessed with instagram this week. I’m a newbie with a pretty boring life so don’t expect anything too amazing. But I do promise to post more than just pictures of my kids or dinner. I think. Okay, I’ll do better with that part. Are you on instagram? What’s your name? What do you post?


I know you recognize Beckwith Interiors but have you heard of Jamie Beckworth Collection? My sister first introduced me to her work and I’ve been blown away each time I see it. They produce innovative and creative wood tile design. The new embellished collection is insane! Imagine the possiblities. I’m pretty sure her work is out of our price range but you could splurge on a fireplace mantel or maybe in your kitchen or a small feature wall. Such a showstopper!

And some of of my favorite Beckworth Interiors.