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Ed Nash is a local Artist and Art Dealer here in Nashville, TN who creates some beautiful abstract paintings. Born in England and gaining inspiration from the ‘Garden City Movement’, his non-representational work will spark your interest. If by chance you are a fan of the hit TV ‘Nashville’, you may have caught a glance of some of Ed Nash’s work without even knowing it.

We have actually had the pleasure of having 3 of his paintings hung in the office to enjoy everyday. We love these paintings so much and we hope you do too. Able to become a focal point in any room as well as a converstation piece, these paintings are now up for sale and ready to be displayed in your home for you to enjoy!
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Movement of Stillness
Encounter with the Sublime
John Baughman, a Grand Rapids, MI native, creates the most elegant and gorgeous contemporary abstract works of art around. He’s worked in Design Groups for Herman Miller, Knoll, Steelcase, Hayworth and more providing them with custom art; and now his collections are exhibited throughout the world. Gaining inspiration from the outdoors and landscapes, his paintings reflect an oceanic tranquility. A lot of his paintings possess a dimension through his textures and creation of forms. He used oil as his main source but his most recent work experiments with different mediums and involves layering colors and wax on paper or canvas. This effect creates a sophistication while evoking a person to feel at peace. We have a painting of his that you can purchase for $3,950

Name and info. unknown
Ursula J. Brenner is a national award-winning artist who is great at creating a wide range of emotions through her paintings. Whether bright and playful or dark and mysterious, she definitely is able to capture your attention. Working in Cincinnati, OH and being influenced by museums, architecture, and music, her work concentrates on contemporary abstracts, landscapes, and cityscapes. She uses acrylics and encaustics and focuses on many fundamentals of design like color, shape, and value. Her work is featured in private and corporate collections internationally, but we have a couple paintings below that can be featured in your home or office. This black and white painting is priced at $3,200

Name and info. unknown

This colorful painting is priced at $2,600

Name and info. unknown

ALL of these paintings are for SALE and can be YOURS if interested! Just call 615-356-0808 !

For more about the artists and their work, check out their websites listed below:
No site for John Baughman

Victor-Raul Garcia

We love artwork that creates a reaction within the first few seconds of seeing it! The kind of reaction that intrigues you and produces a wide range of emotions. Well, that’s exactly what the paintings by Victor-Raul Garcia does. Seeing one of Garcia’s paintings just isn’t enough. You are enthused to see more; see more of his talent, technique, and creativity come to life. His work is Abstract Modernism that combines Cubism, Abstract Impressionism and Brutalism. Most of his paintings are vivid in color and bold, but the few that are neutral still have the same impact and ‘WOW’ factor that the others have. He collects images that later become his inspiration for his paintings. From interior design magazines to textile showrooms and floral shops, it’s really anything that captures his eye. And with his ability to combine color, line, texture, depth, and movement without having any schooling is absolutely fascinating. Take a look below at his work that we found from his website, they’ll surely grab your attention!

And make sure to view his website for more information about him and his work! 

“Soho”, 4’x4′ mixed media on wood, New York (2008)

“El Paso”, 3’x3′ gouache, tempera and acrylic on wood, New York (2010)

“Gotham”, 4’x4′ wood stain, gouache, spray paint and enamel on wood, New York (2010)

“In Bloom”, 4’x4′ acrylic, Tempera and watercolor on wood, New York (2011)

“Oaxaca”, 45″x45″ acrylic and Tempera on wood, New York (2011)
“American Rose”, 2’x4′ acrylic and poster paint on wood, New York (2011)

“Laguna”, 45″x45″ acrylic and Tempera on wood, New York (2012)

“Untitled 47″, 48″x48” acrylic and wood stain on wood, New York (2012)

“Melocoton”, 45″x45″ Tempera on wood, New York (2012)

“Untitled RS”, 42″x42″ acrylic on wood, New York (2012)

“Tormenta de Fuego”, 48″x48″ acrylic and textile paint on wood, New York (2013)
“Piel de Culebra”, 45″x45″ acrylic, enamel and wood stain on wood, New York (2012)

Flowerbud and Beckwith Interiors

Nothing completes a beautifully designed interior more than fresh flowers.  The natural element from a fresh flower arrangement can soften the space and also bring color into a muted interior palette.   

 Here at Beckwith Interiors we love the flowers from   Mark Hayes, the owner of Flowerbud sends flowers that are remarkable for their freshness, their quality, and how long they last.  They only ship premium grade farm fresh flowers, like true long stem roses and lilies with three to five buds per stem.  Most of the flowers are shipped in bud form, allowing you the extra pleasure of watching them bloom.  Check out some of the beautiful offerings from Flowerbud.

Coral Peony

Eva Marie Calla Lily

Casablance Lillies


When we are preparing for a photoshoot for our interior design projects we love to order flowers from FlowerBud because we know the blooms will be impeccable and last through many days of shooting. No lie, I have had Casablanca Lillie’s last for a full month!!!!  Enjoy these beautiful vignettes of flowers and get inspired to include fresh flowers in your home. 

Kelly Weastler

Architectural Digest.  Large plant brings softness and an organic feel to the space


Beckwith Interiors

Thanks for letting us share!!!! 

Arcadian Home’s White Summer Rooms

Hello, everyone! I’m so happy to be here with you at Beckwith Interiors with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog, a fabulous place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from beautiful Folding Screens to colorful wall art and lots more.

Today’s post is all about white rooms for summer. Of course spaces done in all white are suitable for every season, but there are lots of ways to dress them up to get ready for summer. Please enjoy!

Thanks for letting me share!

~ Mari

Summer is the time to strip away all the extras, even in white rooms. This beautiful white bedroom shows how pretty an iron canopy bed looks with all the drapings gone—just crisp, clean and summery.
Tailored slipcovers for the dining chairs bring a summery feel to this seaside dining room. The bright white fabric is a beautiful contrast to the dark wood of the table and the floor.

Adding white slipcovers to the sofas and wingback chair bring a summertime look to this stylish living room. White toss pillows and one in taupe linen are just right for this design, as are fresh-cut white flowers.

A pale gray bedroom reads white for summer with the addition of luxurious linens in layers of white and pristine Contemporary Lamps

This traditional white bath goes for a summery feel with tall stems in lovely pink. Staying with white for linens and toss pillows on the built-in bench keeps the space light and airy.
It may be a winter wonderland outside this pretty breakfast room, but the space has an appealing summery feel that’s just right for our tour of white rooms for summer today. The delicate lace-trimmed table cloth is my favorite element here.


Adding color with oversized art brings a vibrant summery look to this white on white kitchen. Not just one Glass Pendant Light but four in pure white glass are hung above the butcher’s block island.

White cushion covers bring new life to this patio’s corner sitting area. By going white with the core elements of the space, it’s easy to change out decorative pillows and flowers for an entirely different look—pink for summer and perhaps terra cotta for fall.
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What do you think of these summertime rooms? Leave us your thoughts below and be sure to come by our blog for more Home Decor and interior inspirations!