Flowerbud and Beckwith Interiors

Nothing completes a beautifully designed interior more than fresh flowers.  The natural element from a fresh flower arrangement can soften the space and also bring color into a muted interior palette.   

 Here at Beckwith Interiors we love the flowers from www.flowerbud.com   Mark Hayes, the owner of Flowerbud sends flowers that are remarkable for their freshness, their quality, and how long they last.  They only ship premium grade farm fresh flowers, like true long stem roses and lilies with three to five buds per stem.  Most of the flowers are shipped in bud form, allowing you the extra pleasure of watching them bloom.  Check out some of the beautiful offerings from Flowerbud.

Coral Peony

Eva Marie Calla Lily

Casablance Lillies


When we are preparing for a photoshoot for our interior design projects we love to order flowers from FlowerBud because we know the blooms will be impeccable and last through many days of shooting. No lie, I have had Casablanca Lillie’s last for a full month!!!!  Enjoy these beautiful vignettes of flowers and get inspired to include fresh flowers in your home. 

Kelly Weastler

Architectural Digest.  Large plant brings softness and an organic feel to the space


Beckwith Interiors

Thanks for letting us share!!!! 

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