Designer Installations of the Jamie Beckwith Collection

National Designers use the Jamie Beckwith Collection tiles in the most creative ways!  Please enjoy the installation images from very talented designers around the U.S.

The first image is of Polished Projection Linear. The dark Black Bean finish is rich and gives much depth and dimension to the entertainment wall.  The wall has a flat screen installed over the tiles and also a built in fire box. The fire box is linear and compact in design and complements the tiles.  The installation was designed and installed by the designers at Dwelling Design in Scottsdale Arizona.  They have provided an image of the installation and have another project that they are currently working on.  If you need any help with your current design project around Scottsdale, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Misty at Dwelling Cabinetry and Flooring .  You can reach them at 480.483.1501 

Linear Projection in Black Bean

The next talented designer project is in Aspen Colorado.  Miss Lynne Carlson used Color Projection in Fern to highlight a wall in an entertainment room in Aspen.  The projection tiles have a green coloration to them. 


Color Projection in Fern, Aspen Colorado

The final designer is from Sarasota Florida.  Mr. Jon Fleming used the Projection product on a focal wall above the fireplace.  This airy Floridian home gets a dose of warmth from the organic wood tiles. 

Rustic Projection inset in fireplace focal wall




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