Delicate Details in Interior Design

When we were children we probably had a strong idea of how our grown up home would look. Whether it be a small country cottage or an extravagant mansion, the reality is far better because having your own home gives you the chance to make something that is yours. There is nothing nicer than creating a home that reflects you, your personality and your tastes.

We all love walking in to an environment that we have beautifully created and can really relax in and enjoy; it makes us feel like adults. But remember, interior design isn’t something that has to be thrust upon us, it is something we should take pride in and use to make a house a home.

There are many experts out there who make strong suggestions about the way our homes should look but it is up to us to decided whether to take this advice or not. One of the best-loved elements is delicate design; bringing dainty, intricate features that make a home luxurious and elegant and expensive looking. Appearances can be deceptive however and just because things look expensive doesn’t mean they actually are. Home crafting is the way forward! As it gives you the opportunity to make items that are not only affordable but also give a sense of satisfaction and create personality. are the ultimate in home design and can really help to create the perfect masterpiece.

So, what do you need to do to bring a delicate touch into the home?

There are a number of different products that can be brought together and created to give your home a new edge.

Floral prints are always a good place to start. They give a real feeling of serenity and although could be thought of as feminine they can have a bolder edge with subtle inclusions; pillows, lampshades, curtains, flowers fit all.

Lighting is the creator of mood and with soft touches comes an air of delicacy. The more ornate the fixture is the better whether it is a spotlight, table lamp or the ultimate, a chandelier.

Candles work in much the same way as a light fixture although they take the idea of mood creation one-step further. They give a relaxed, intimate and soothing feel and really are the perfect accessory to any room.

Mirrors can have any type of frame but to really fit with the delicate theme, they should be ornate and detailed. A room is opened up with the use of a mirror and obviously no home should be without one.

Rugs are the perfect solution to hard wood floors. They add warmth to support the idea of a delicate, cosy environment. They are stylish, warming and come in a range of styles that fit any space.

There is nothing difficult about interior design. Don’t be overwhelmed by the decorating of spaces instead allow your personality to shine through and create designs that you want to see. Making items yourself is the best way to bring a style that suits you into your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Ella Mason – Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Ella specialises in providing useful and engaging advice to small businesses. Follow her on Twitter @ellatmason

And go to to get crafty and make your own candles for your space. It’ll bring that personal and accomplished touch every home needs!

New Jamie Beckwith Floors Installed

We are excited to share some new installations of the Jamie Beckwith Collection flooring.  The images are not professional and the installations are still being completed.  We look forward to sharing again when the rooms are completely finished. 

Lotus flooring in Tawny Timber

Jigsaw Flooring in Smokey Quartz

Amazing property and Construction

Interior Design Magazines Hospitality Giants conference

Interior Design Magazine’s Hospitality Giants Conference!

I just attended the most fabulous conference in Austin Texas this past 3 days and had to share some of the highlights.  This event brought together the brightest and most talented architects and designers in the world along with many innovative manufacturers to discuss the world of hospitality design.  This can’t be described as work!!

The event was held at the cool and hip W hotel in Austin where we had non stop fun.  The speakers were inspirational, the food and drink superb and how can you not have a blast with Cindy Allen, the editor in Chief!

Jamie Beckwith and Anthony DiGuiseppe of DiGuiseppe Architect

During the event, we toured an amazing property designed by Ali Tayar of Parallel Design NYC.  The details were stunning and he used the most amazing White Oak throughout the house.  The staircase was a beauty! 

The above images are of the home built and designed by Ali Tayar that the group toured.  We then had a lovely dinner served outside on the property.

Please check out the video link of the event.

Ali Tayar, architect, Jamie Beckwith and Mark Strauss, president of Interior Design Magazine

Guest Post from Kathryn Thompson

From the big quilted leather number to the Lazy Boy, everyone has a favourite sofa that is their idea of perfection when it comes to relaxing after a long day at the office. Whatever your choice is, there will be something for you, and this interesting infographic from Furnishing Homes shows you just how the styles of the decades from the 1920’s through to present day have changed; evidently, comfort has become a necessity! – Kathryn Thompson

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