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We are very excited to be on the cover of Ligné Magazine’s Design & Innovation issue! There’s a whole 10 page spread written by our dear friend Meredith Xavier about the Pool House.

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5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel like A Resort

Guest post by Miriam Bornstein

People take vacations to escape the mundane, often overlooking their home as a place to restore, refresh and regroup. Create the same resort-worthy accommodations by turning your home into a personal oasis. If it’s a steam shower or Mediterranean tile that fill you with envy on vacation, incorporate it into your home. You don’t need to take a vacation to receive the same perks.

Here are five ways to revamp your humble abode into a resort-worthy destination.

1) Minimize the Clutter

Often times, the first thing you notice when walking into a hotel room is the well-organized space. Every piece of furniture has its designated location, the décor is minimal and you have plenty of functional space. Replicate the same environment at home by carefully selecting your furniture, being tasteful of the art and décor you select and removing clutter. Once you’ve minimized the clutter you can start designing your private oasis.

2) Create a Zen-Like Bedroom

One of the best perks of staying at a resort is the luxe bedding. Create a permanent staycation by investing in quality bedding pieces such as a cloud-like duvet cover, plush pillows and a tailored bed skirt. You can take this even further by investing in a statement headboard or a show-stopping chandelier to add extra luxury to your bedroom ambiance.

3) Invoke Your Senses

Trick your senses into thinking you’re staying at a resort by purchasing scented candles reminiscent of your previous vacations. Maybe you had a fabulous trip to Hawaii and want a sea breeze or hibiscus flower scented candle. Cluster a bunch of candles on your mantel piece, light tea lights by your bathtub or display candles in glowing candle holders to add soothing luminosity.

4) Add Greenery

Plants and flowers not only add beauty to your living spaces, but are scientifically proven to help purify the air and improve your mood. Spider Plants, Boston Ferns and Peace Lilies are all excellent choices for air freshening indoor house plants. Adding greenery is also a creative alternative for urban dwellers who lack a backyard. Include more greenery by placing multiple plants on your porch, buying hanging baskets or growing your own herb garden.

5) Replicate a Spa

One simple way to turn your bathroom into a resort-like spa is by updating your towels and purchasing your favorite smelling lotion or hand soap. Pampering yourself encourages you to appreciate the little things, helping you feel at ease in your home. If you’re on a flexible budget and time frame, purchasing a large soaking tub, steam shower or vanity mirror are all options that help transform your bathroom into spa-like resort.

Whether you update your bathroom, add candles to the living room or invest in luxe bedding, it’s important to accommodate your lifestyle. Figure out which elements would make your home feel more relaxing. Once that’s established, you can embrace your home as a staycation 365 days a year. For more inspiration to transform your home into a resort, check out other luxury home designs.